Actions speak louder than words and Jace T McDonald has successfully shown his work ethic through his actions. In addition to that, dedicated efforts towards a complete life, and a sustainable work-life balance are some virtues that one can learn from this man if they choose to pay attention. It is evident through his discipline and attention-to-detail that, he has started from the bottom and worked his way to the top. Only someone who has seen the grime and the gloomy side of entrepreneurship, can be a successful entrepreneur one day, and that is exactly what Jace T McDonald has seen and achieved.

Jace T McDonald and his team have recently been selected by Legion Capital President, Bradley Hilton to be working with the Legion Capital LLC and Legion Funding LLC service companies helping others with financial success. The Hilton School of Business Institute selects key affiliates to work jointly in positive education of financial and business success. Tax credits, incentives, savings and financial growth are the pillars of the business and financial field that Jace T McDonald understands exceptionally. His team is proud to be part of the Hilton success team globally servicing the financial needs of the marketplace with opportunities. He and his team should be proud of themselves for offering financial solutions to farmers, small business owners, and retirees. They have worked nationally with Native American Tribes, while being the founder of, a non-profit to assist tribes with financial success.

Through this non-profit, JT helps these tribes in creating jobs and revenue with a focus on children’s programs, financial programs, and basically creating entrepreneurial opportunities for people throughout the country. Jace T McDonald has been chosen by the game changer business which led to Elite Resource Team assisting CPA’s clients with holistic and proactive planning.

Jace T McDonald has touched the world of writing as well. With a select group of business experts and a best-selling author, he has co-written Soul of success vol 2. In the book, he provides solutions for asset growth and protection. This is something that every rising business owner who is learning to manage his finances needs to read. No one is better fit to talk about the world of business than the man Jace himself. Business runs in his blood and being in the industry since a very young age has taught him the value of a well-rounded life.

A lot of entrepreneurs dabble in charity, but few understand what social entrepreneurship truly means and stand for. It’s when one makes people self-sufficient and financially independent, is when the true meaning of social entrepreneurship has been achieved. After being a successful business owner for 17 years at his peak, Jace T McDonald took a chance with his work and life for a noble cause. He aimed to help hard working small business owners, like himself, by teaching them about alternative wealth products. He realized that there was a serious dearth of people talking about this very important finance lesson, so he decided to be the one who