Event Designed to Help Native American Indian Tribes With Managing Business Functions and Establishing New Connections

Consultant and entrepreneur Jace T. McDonald have become a popular name which is respected by business owners and Tribes around the United States. Native American Indian Tribes have benefitted with new relationships. The best-selling author will be a guest at the Reservation Economic Summit at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Jace T. McDonald and his team speak with tribes and businesses nationally to discuss alternative earnings and tax strategies to boost tax free income, cut out the middleman broker.

The RES event is a major tribal gathering summit where people from various Native tribes around the country can link to each other and promote business efforts and connections among various communities. The event includes a trade show, an artisan market, meetings and seminars with various experts in the entrepreneurial field. Jace T. McDonald and Hilton have joined as affiliates at Legion Capital to help tribes earn better on their dollars. Legion Funding also operated by Hilton allows for additional opportunities to fund options in Indian Country and business expansion needs in the private sector.

Jace T. McDonald is proud to be offering his solutions and expertise to people at RES. McDonald is a guest speaker for the Hilton Business Institute and was awarded recently with the Brian Tracys GameChanger honor as supported by the Wall Street Journal, and Time Square t.v. interview.

McDonald’s words have been heralded as being vital for many Natives looking to get into the business sector. As a longtime profit enhancement industry veteran in the financial field and a manager of an assisted care facility, McDonald has seen many important things in the business field and is aiming to help people understand various needs that they might hold for their businesses while looking into what they can do to thrive and succeed.

The work McDonald is promoting will help people with recognizing what they can do to grow their business efforts. This includes understanding how to manage various needs a business might hold in some form. McDonald particularly talks about how businesses can handle

various economic functions while managing finances right without problems. The content that McDonald introduces in his work is vital for all people to explore. The tax incentives, credits and savings along with monthly income boosts are key to helping tribes and business owners get ahead with ease and support.

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