Does this interest you? Did you know you can protect your home and assets from being lost? Congress has passed laws which allows you to save your home and assets rather than spending them on your long-term care! Did you know…. 7 out of 10 of us will need some long-term care after age 65?

As a successful business owner, I’m sure you’ve wondered at times if you’re doing everything you can to reduce expenses, and risks. Reality is there are so many moving pieces in our current economic environment that its impossible for any one individual adviser to be able to provide you with the type of comprehensive and proactive planning that you need and deserve.

For this reason, I’ve started working with a team of national specialists through the elite Resource Team. You can get more insight on the work we do by visiting

For a free 2018 booklet explaining how you can easily protect your home and assets from the financial devastation of a long-term illness simply call one of our service representatives today at 608-403-7008. As always we are happy to help.

Your Friend, JT McDonald