Asset, Growth and Protection is a Wisconsin-based alternative wealth management company that specializes in Asset Growth and Protection. The company was recently awarded the ability to help the Ramah Navaho Nation secure and grow a portion of their Federal National Ramah Settlement.

Odanah, WI-  In 2012, Salazar v. Ramah Navajo Chapter, 567 U.S. (2012) was decided in favor of the Ramah Navaho and other plaintiffs, 699 tribes, who sued on behalf of underpayments in their self­ determination contracts. The case went before the SCOTUS who determined that the United States Federal Government must pay in full all contracts negotiated with a Native tribe for services rendered, regardless of whether or not Congress appropriated enough money in its budget. The lawsuit was decades in the making, beginning in 1990 with a final decision in 2012.  Due to settlement negotiations the tribes only recently secured the  promise of a funds release by an outgoing Obama administration who demanded “housekeeping” to identify each member receiving a share. This class action lawsuit resulted in an award of $940 million in settlement, which is now being assisted in added growth of released funds by Asset, Growth and Protection and educational benefits to tribes via non-profit.

Asset, Growth and Protection is owned and operated by best-selling author and entrepreneur, Jace T. McDonald. McDonald is an alternative asset options expert that offers his clients alternative financial products that he believes offer more protection and ability to grow wealth than traditional stock market risk products. “We were chosen by the Ramah Navajo to help them increase their dollar’s growth and outperform the banks and Wall St options they had used previously,” says McDonald . “I feel extremely honored to be selection to manage their assets because I know I will be making a profound difference in the lives of elders, children, and community of Ramah.”

Asset, Growth and Protection will be directing $1 million of the Ramah Settlement fund for higher monthly earnings, 100% secured program for future generational usage. McDonald states that tribes can increase their settlement with ongoing monthly income using First Position Commercial Mortgage (FPCM) Bridge Plans through and the nonprofit Tribal Initiative ( ). FPCMs are a high yield, low risk investment where an investor’s money is secured by a hard asset (commercial property). McDonald explains that these are the types of investments that the banks use and can also be used by individuals who are looking for an alternative to wealth management that will provide monthly returns without the risks typical of stock investments. “It’s a secured product with short term, dynamic growth,” says McDonald. “We’re trying to maximize this settlement and return money to reservations that will keep people working and growing a future for their families.” Over 25,000 clients now earn more income monthly from this program, that’s been working with no defaults in over 25 years, with an A+ better business bureau rating. That’s impressive says his clients!

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Tribal Initiative

Tribal Initiative is a non-profit educational organization which assists tribes with revenue and jobs. Its mission is to work toward a more progressive, financially stable government, to maintain tribal sovereignty, and to enable members to progress individually towards a more fulfilling life culturally, spiritually and economically in Indian country.

Asset Growth and Protection

Asset Growth and Protection is a company that works with individuals and families to develop their financial situation into one that will take them through retirement comfortably. They offers secured, low  risk financial investments that protect assets and grow their returns at a rate better than standard investments . Better Financial Ideas is the concept solving life’s 3 key issues, living to long and running out of money, die to soon and leaving family or business financial issues, lastly becoming ill and surviving broke or struggling during that ill time. We solve all 3 of those major life issues, with ease so you can sleep at night and run your business or life!

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